Key to Success: The 1 Thing All Successful People Do


When you hear about someone becoming successful or someone who is successful, what do you think?

Some would say the person got lucky.

Some would say the person worked really hard.

Some would say a combination of the two.

Yet those factors, while they may have played a role, offer no valuable insight into why that person became successful. No insight that you could take and immediately apply to your life to start becoming successful.

You can’t just start working really hard (let’s assume you already do) nor can you just command luck to happen to you.

When comments like that are made, people just brush off great learning opportunities and go on about their lives. They don’t take the couple minutes necessary to dig a little deeper or contemplate on the success further.

Because of this, the vast majority of people repeatedly miss the one great truth behind every single successful person. A truth that applies to every successful person throughout history without fail (I challenge you to find an example to the contrary).

So what is the one thing all successful people do?

They valuably utilize their time.

I would even go so far as to call that the be all, end all KEY to success. For if you were to valuably utilize a good portion of your time each week, you’d be successful quicker than you ever thought possible.

Let’s dig into this concept a little deeper though to figure out exactly how you can use this one truth to improve your own life.

Poorly Utilized Time

Time is the one currency available to even the most broke or disadvantaged people in the world. Time is the equalizing factor that allows nobodies to accrue great fortunes in their lifetime. Time is all you really have in this world and it is finite.

Yet so many people poorly utilize their time, effectively wasting their most precious commodity. The only commodity they would ever need to achieve any of their life dreams.

Poorly utilized time is any time spent in a way that doesn’t get you any closer to achieving life goals or any closer to achieving true happiness (If you can’t honestly say that you absolutely love your life, then you haven’t achieved true happiness).

The World’s Biggest Source of Poorly Utilized Time

While there are countless ways for any given person to poorly utilize time, there is one dominating source that trumps all others… a job.

Yes, that’s right, the 40 hour per week activity that most people consider a necessary evil for their own survival. Sure, there are cases where a job can be a valuable utilization of time such as for gaining certain experience that will help you achieve a life goal, but for the vast majority of people, their job is just a time suck. They hate it and are only doing it out of seeming necessity.

While 40 hours a week is a lot of time to let go to waste, jobs are a necessary part of many people’s lives so we’ll factor this in to create an even more practical key to success. One that anyone, even someone with a day job, can put to use in their lives to become successful:

To be successful you must valuably utilize your free time.

This slight adjustment factors in the reality of a job and targets the time that you have to spend outside of that job, otherwise known as your free time.

How to Use Your Free Time Wisely

To begin following in the footsteps of every successful person ever through valuably utilizing your time, you must go through a process that will allow you to figure out what this means to you.

As we have defined the meaning of poorly utilized time, wisely used time would be just the opposite: Any time spent in a way that gets you closer to achieving life goals or to achieving true happiness.

So to start you must know what your life goals are and what it is that will make you happy and able to love your life. This could be a broad as ‘I don’t want to have to work a job I hate’ or as specific as ‘I want to earn an extra $500/month online’. The point is to find that goal that is compelling to you and from there you can begin working your way back to figure out what next step is needed for you to reach that goal.

This will allow you to determine what activities would be a valuable utilization of your time.

Next steps can be surprisingly simple, so simple that they are often overlooked when you are in a routine that doesn’t allow for time to really think about your life and do something about the problems you have.

In the case of the person who hates their job, the next steps might be touching up their resume and then spending an hour each night writing cover letters and applying to more appealing jobs. Or it could even be researching continuing education courses they could take to get on a better career path and then signing up for and taking the course.

In the case of the person who wants to earn an extra $500/month online, the next steps might look something like:

  1. Study Internet marketing
  2. Research a good niche to get into
  3. Buy website hosting
  4. Get a website up
  5. Write content

You then take on these smaller, broken down, specific tasks one at a time and continue adding on to the list. In time all these small actions can add up to achieving something incredibly substantial, something that may have seemed impossible or far too daunting to even attempt to work towards before you broke it down.

This same methodology can be directly applied to anything you want to do with your life and really is the only way to get to where you want to be and to be successful. You simply need to make a conscious decision to start wisely using some portion of your time, of which you surely have many poor time uses you can pull from.

Utilizing this Key to Success to Reach Your Goals

Hopefully by this point, this article has gotten you pretty excited, excited that you can change and shape your life into something you can be proud of and enjoy significantly more.

You might even take time right now to start making things happen which is great but be warned that that excited feeling wears off quite quickly and once it does, it’s incredibly easy to slip back into your old comfortable ways and routines.

When it comes right down to it, this is a lot of hard work, it is frustrating and surely isn’t as immediately rewarding as everything else you could be doing right now for instant gratification but the long term rewards will be well worth the effort and sacrifice.

So stop letting life happen to you and starting happening to life! Make a commitment to yourself to start valuably utilizing some of your time so that you can live the life you’ve always wanted sooner rather than never.