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1 Simple Tool to Help You Easily Eat More Vegetables


Ever since we were kids we’ve been forced and manipulated into eating them.

As an adult you finally understand that sure I should eat more vegetables and sure I would be more healthy if I did but still fail to do so simply because there are more appetizing options.

And even when you do manage to include vegetables in your diet, it’s usually as part of a salad drenched in a very unhealthy, highly processed goop that masks the not so appetizing taste of the vegetables themselves.

So how in the world could you possibly include substantially more vegetables in your diet in a healthy way when they are just so dang hard to choke down?

A high-powered blender.

That’s right. By utilizing a simple mechanical tool, you actually make vegetables enjoyable to eat. This is hands-down the best way to make it easy to eat more vegetables.

Now, I know what you’re thinking, pureed vegetable slurry sounds even less appetizing than vegetables themselves… but stick with me here.

The primary difficulty in getting down vegetables in the first place is that you have to gnaw through so many of the bland plant pieces to even consume a substantial amount. And to do so without masking sauce is even more of a challenge.

The vegetable slurry solves the first problem.

When vegetables are in highly concentrated liquid form, they are far easier to quickly gulp down without much trouble. This allows easy consumption of large amounts of plant matter.

But even so, it wouldn’t taste good and would be a strain to get a glass down without sending them rushing right back into the cup, right?

Maybe if it was just vegetables but the real key is to add whole fruits into the blender as well so you have somewhere in the range of a 50/50 to 80/20 vegetable to fruit ratio (depending on how healthy you want to be and how much of a “healthy taste” you can bear).

This addition of whole fruits (yes, rind and all… besides like coconut or pineapple, their outer bits don’t blend very well… trust me) actually makes the vegetable slurry healthier by adding additional nutrients with just enough fructose to give the drink a sweet taste without causing an unhealthy increase in blood sugar.

The best part is you can make large batches all at once in the time it’d take to prepare a nice dinner and have enough healthy, reasonably tasty vegetable drink to last a week or two. Eating healthy would then be as simple as pouring yourself a glass of milk

You’d be amazed how effective this method is for making it easy to eat more vegetables and at how delicious you can make the drink even with a majority of it being composed of bland, tasteless rabbit food.

Pick yourself up a nice high power blender and begin getting more vegetables in your belly in no time.

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