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3 Ways to Make Money from Craigslist is one of the oldest sites on the web and the most simple and basically designed high traffic website on the net.

This ignoring of flashy design principles and focus on simplicity has played a role in growing its popularity and making it consistently one of the top 100 sites out of 10’s of millions on the internet, currently 57th in the world (as of August 11th, 2015 according to

Craiglist Top 100 Websites Graph

Due to this extreme popularity, there is also boundless opportunity for people to utilize this as a resource to make money.

1. Buy, Improve and Resell Goods

The most obvious way to make money from Craigslist is to buy and sell goods. You can use is to net quick cash from stuff you already own and want to get rid of but for the enterprising tradesperson there is much greater opportunity.

You can operate a full time business simply buy buying broken or unwanted items very cheap and then utilizing your skills to repair and improve the items to sell for more.

I have personally done this with great success buying broken computers and cell phones for cheap then repairing and reselling for a significant markup. There were even situations where I negotiated cheap deals of functions products and simply resold them without any repair effort required although the margin is much slimmer here.

That’s simply one example. I’ve also known people who buy broken or unwanted furniture who then refurbish and sell at a considerable markup.  You simply need to find your niche and utilize or develop a skillset that can plug into this vast network of flowing goods.

2. Find a Higher Paying Job

If I had a nickle every time someone was surprised I use Craigslist to find new jobs, I’d have at least a few bucks, which I still don’t understand. Craigslist is an EXCELLENT resource for sourcing new job opportunities and is a must use resource if you’re on the job hunt.

In fact nearly every single one of jobs ever was found through Craigslist and I used it to build and grow my career in SEO and Marketing. LinkedIn and were useless to me but Craigslist consistently brought high quality results.

In one case I was able to give myself a healthy 50% raise simply by continually being on the lookout and sourcing a new opportunity doing a similar job. This insane potential for giving yourself substantial raises and increasing your income can not be emphasized enough.

No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you’re unhappy with your job and/or compensation be on Craigslist every single day applying as soon as possible when new jobs are posted and you can find yourself making considerably more money relatively quickly.

3. Sell a Service

If you have even the most basic skills and abilities in any task from computer oriented skills such as graphic design to manual labor ability, you can earn money selling your services on Craigslist.

Generally this is great when you need to earn cash and especially quick cash as most people have some marketing skill that someone else will pay for especially just being physically able. With the sheer amount of traffic on the site you are bound to find someone who will pay you for your services as long as you consistently post and improve your ads.

The great benefit here is that in time you can build a regular client base that brings in consistent income without you have to continually post and seek new clients.

This was a brief run-down of how you can begin making money utilizing Craigslist. If you’d like a more detailed explanation with specific outlines and examples please let me know. If enough people are interested, I will make it happen!

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